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The Most Significant Scifi Commanders

8 Dec

An excellent story needs a fantastic leader and there is a lot of in the world of science fiction consequently in toons movies or comic strips. One of the best fictional leaders of them all should be Optimus Prime from the Transformers series. Optimus transforms coming from a vehicle into a robot and is one of the most heroic and solid enemy for the Decepticons to handle. Optimus always makes the right choices frequently choosing to get into combat and tackle the large weapons. He’s a leader who leads from the front that has generally designed gaining himslef killed. Within the new IDW comic strips Optimus leaves leadership to Bumblebee that has become an unusual angle on the series.

Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars saga needs to be a single or even the very best leaders in the Universe. He had taken control of the Republic and turned it into an Empire that no one desired to mess with. Palpatine knew ways to delegate supplying his regional governors management of their star systems. He also supplied his officers and commanders with a solid space fleet along with a planet wrecking Death Star so he obviously believes inside the proper methods for the position. Palpatine led a really deceptive company and only discussed information when it had been necessary. He was a expert strategist and he will probably be missed.

Cyclops from the X-Men is a good alpha dog in the comics but not a lot in the movies. Cyclops AKA Scott Summers is a brand action leader who knows how to get things completed and try to leads from your front. He has years of experience leading the X-Men and working with unmanageable members of staff for example Logan and in his career he has viewed a lot of unusual things and was even merged with Apocalypse at some point. It helps that Scott has a telepath girlfriend at his side continuously to assist him out. He’s great with inter work relationships it could seem to be. I think he will back in 2012 movies

Captain Picard from Star Trek is another wonderful commander. Throughout his profession as captain of the Starship Enterprise he has been involved with numerous fights and diplomatic wrangles. He is a clever commander with fantastic debating and diplomatic skills as well as great hygiene. His pick up expression is ‘Make it So’ and when it’s uttered his staff never hesitate. Picard was at some part assimilated with Borg, a nasty group of cyborgs who merged anything they can get their fingers on. Picard did regain his mankind but was left sentimentally scarred by the event.